Step 2: Review Your Privacy Exposure

In this high-level graphic, you can see the categories of companies that have collected your personal information.
The bubbles are sized and color-coded to highlight areas of potential privacy concern for you.

Take a look -- and then take back control of your personal data.

ecommerce (7) SHOPPING (12) Home Delivery (6) Food & Grocery (15) online games (13) online news (3) Streaming video (7) News & entertainment (12) Online learning (5) Tech & Internet (13) Online payments (5) financial services (21) home fitness (3) tele- medicine (3) Health (20) video conferencing (6) Utilities & Telecom (6) Data brokers & people-search sites (64)

High Risk

67%+ may be selling your data

Medium Risk

33%-66% may be selling your data

Low Risk

<33% may be selling your data

(XX) Number of companies in each category